Life is too short to be cooped up in four walls. I grew up in the countryside of a tiny island and I remember myself always running outside in the golden wheat fields or going for a swim at the beautiful beaches of the island. I love adventure, exploring, discovering and learning. Coming from a tiny island I always dreamed of going out there in our vast world and immerse myself in its beauty. Now at the age of twenty-five I had the chance not only to travel but also live abroad for several years. My journey has been rocky but today I look back and I confidently can say I am proud of my accomplishments.

Through this blog I would love to share my stories of my beautiful, happy, sad and weird experiences but also life stories of some amazing and unique people I met.

Often Stories of Yesterday although are written from real life experiences, they are sometimes fiction therefore not always names, places or dates are real.

Thank you for visiting and hope you’ll have a wonderful journey through Stories of Yesterday.

If you would like to follow a visual journey of my stories have a look on my Instagram @lydiam205 and please support me on ko-fi.com/storiesofyesterday

Step by Step I will visit all the 196 countries that this world has. If you don’t take the first step you will never accomplish anything. 20 visited and still counting:)

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello.

    I do love this: “I will visit all the 196 countries that this world has”. The word visit do not tell how deeply you are going to make acquittance with the country you will visit. I can say that in the case of my country “just visit and leave” tells you nothing. Take a look at my lesser-known country:

    About me

    So, after seeing this post, you must say: “I didn’t know”.

    Happy and safe travels!


    1. It’s certainly true that you cannot know everything about a country by visiting for a few days. I believe a country is its people therefore I always try to acquainted with locals to learn more of the culture.

      Thanks for sharing and I have to say your country is definitely on my bucket list 😊

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