My happy place

Often when thoughts and feelings give people trouble, they seek their happy place. A happy place can be anything, your room, your friend’s house, your favourite coffee shop, a book, your favourite song, or another entire area that you visit as an escape.

Although I have plenty of places that I often escape to forget certain things or to simply have some time to myself, my happy place that turned into my favourite place is the city of York in the United Kingdom.

My exploration tendencies started quite early in age. Therefore, when I was a student in Leeds, I would always try to visit another city when I had the time. Living in Leeds meant frequently travelling in the Yorkshire county and north England. Although there are several smaller cities and towns around Leeds, I would visit York the most. York was a half-hour ride by train from Leeds, and by the end of my first year, it became my escape place when I wished for some relaxation.

As someone who loves history and enjoys graphic urban places with a hint of nature, York was the perfect destination to relax. Undoubtedly, York is one of the most historic cities in the United Kingdom. It dated back in 71 AD and was founded by the Romans. It later was the capital of several kingdoms, such as Jorvik and Northumbria. In the Middle Ages, York was the capital of the northern ecclesiastical province of the Church of England.

York, with the influence of several kingdoms, Christianity, trading, and scholarly achievements, today is a major touristic hub in the country. What I loved the most, was exploring the snickelways, markets, and enjoy street performers. And then especially during warm days, I would enjoy the sunshine in the York Museum Gardens.

If you ever find yourself in York, I recommend you to enjoy a walk around the snickelways and the shambles. Have a trip around the city walls to enjoy fantastic views of the city, visit the York minster, the Clifford’s Tower and castle museum, as well as the Jorvik Viking Centre. A tour mixed with lifestyle, history, and religion.

Enjoy some of my photo adventures!

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